Rev. Dr. David Loganathan

Shehan Pereira

Rev. Dr. David Loganathan
Overseeing Pastor, Harvest International Ministries

Shehan Pereira
Associate Pastor


“Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it.”  Habakkuk 2:2

Empowers everyone to pray, win and nurture their neighbors through sharing, loving and caring in care groups. Becoming a family in Christ … reaching our world for Christ.


We, God’s people in the Miracle Family Temple, seek to:

Help everyone to find true Joy of life.

Worship God with sincerity of heart.

Share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Have fellowship with all our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Commit ourselves to serve and to tell others about Jesus.

Pursue God’s justice and peace in every area of life.

Core Values

We value every person God created as equal.
Cell-based community · Prayer-filled · Outward focus · Action oriented · Culturally relevant ·  Equipping · Spiritual depth · Discipleship

Taking Pride in What We Do

We are motivated by the Holy Spirit and God’s Holiness and his willingness to accept us as we are transformed in to His Christ-likeness.

We are the children of God and therefore we are constantly transformed as we worship Him and truly care for others.We act with Godly wisdom.

Building a Community of God

We respect different views, respect each other and work together respectfully.

We embrace diversity and nurture empowering relationship.

We communicate honestly and truthfully.

We create an environment that promotes learning through provoking life changing questions.

Caring for the people of our Community

We provide dedicated care to meet their felt needs to their satisfaction.

We establish and maintain a transparent relationship with each other.

We responsibly and wisely manage resources God has entrusted to us.