Bible Study Ministry

Christianity is meant to be relational—first, on a vertical axis between ourselves and God and, second, on a horizontal axis between ourselves and those around us. Bible studies move us from being spectators in a weekly church service to active participants in a like-minded community dedicated to spiritual growth. As we encounter God’s Word together, we have an opportunity to share our different perspectives and insights and are broadened because of the interaction. More information is retained when there is active involvement, so biblical literacy is enhanced. Application and accountability bring understanding that moves God’s Word from the intellect to the heart. Transformation is encouraged (Romans 12:2), and our lives are changed. When our lives are changed, the lives of those around us are changed as well. God designed us to need Him and each other. His word to us is to reach out and love one another. Colossians 3:16 says we should allow “the message of Christ [to] dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.”

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is the backbone of our church, no prayer no power. Incorporating a prayer ministry time into worship services on a regular basis is one way in which we can be faithful in connecting the declaration of the Kingdom of God through teaching, worship and evangelism, with the demonstration and extension of the Kingdom through prayer and healing. Together, these components are a part of our faithful enactment of the gospel in the midst of the kingdom of this world. This is the larger purpose for the development of this type of ministry.The more immediate purpose of the ministry is to intercede with people by invoking the presence and power of the Holy Spirit and ministering wholeness, deliverance, peace, healing, reconciliation and the empowerment of individuals according to their needs.

Worship Ministry

The worship ministry consists of well-trained praise leaders, singers, and Musicians who bring liveliness in our worship service.The worship ministry consists of well-trained praise leaders, singers, and Musicians who bring liveliness in our worship service. The Praise & Worship ministry is a team of believers that are called not only to worship the Lord but to facilitate the worship experience, and carry the burden of the worship life of Harvest Church. The Praise & Worship team exists to minister to the Lord through praise and worship, to encourage and lead the congregation into the presence of the Lord, and to facilitate and create an atmosphere where the presence of the Lord can dwell. Our goal is to lead people into the manifest presence of the Lord. why participate in this ministry? If you have the heart to see others commune with the Lord in worship, if you have a burden for the worship life of the church, if you are a worshipper and you are called to serve in the area of praise and worship, and if you can sing, then the Praise & Worship ministry is for you!